January 13th at Federation Square

January 13th at Federation Square

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Event Background

The Viva Brazil festival is a celebration of the cultural diversity so characteristic of Australia showcasing aspects of the Brazilian art in many different forms.

The First Viva Brazil held in 2004 attracted around 7,000 visitants.In 2005 the success was even bigger. Almost 9,000 people joined the festival, supported by local and Brazilian companies. In 2006 the most attended multicultural festival at Federation Square.
Almost 40,000 people went through the festival!

Viva Brazil 2008

The 4th Viva Brazil Festival, on the 13th of January 2008, will follow the successful path of the preview events: Artists from various nationalities will represent Brazil through its music, dance, sports and food, focusing on the culture, history and happiness of the Brazilian people.Contact us to be a part of this big event: contactus@abrisa.org.au